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YES we direct bill for many types of insurance and Motor Vehicle Accidents

We are continually learning new techniques for Chiropractic and massage to ensure the best results

Meet our team of highly trained practitioners and staff who utilize state of the art techniques to reach your health and wellness goals

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    We offer Chiropractic wellness care for your back and neck pain through Chiropractic adjustments, manual therapies, graston, kinesiotaping, massage therapy, exercise, supplements and laser. Simply stated, because it works! First Dr. Jones release the muscles, ligaments and scar tissue surrounding the area of complaint. Second, he assesses and treats any misalignments causing problems in the nerves and affected area. Thirdly, he provides rehabilitation and stretches that are needed to resolve the problem.


     Through extensive training Dr. Jones has developed “state of the art” chiropractic techniques that focus on how muscles and scar tissue affect the alignment and function of the spine.


    You may ask how does Chiropractic work? When a joint misaligns there is always a resulting muscle spasm that causes the joint to lock out of position causing immobility. Immobility of a joint causes inflammation and irritation of the nerve, which most feel as pain.


    Chronic inflammation and irritation directly lead to your body forming scar tissue and major decreases in a persons range of motion. Without chiropractic help, this cycle will continue causing chronic tightness and re-occurring sharp muscle spasms.

   We believe in the team approach using other professionals in Red Deer such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, Doctor of Naturopath, dieticians and personal trainers to enhance your quality of life. Our purpose is to empower patients towards optimal health. Our mission is to aid every individual and family in our community so they can obtain the highest quality of life. Your choices in life pivot around your HEALTH, make good choices to invest in your health at Jones Family Chiropractic Clinic to ensure you have the freedom to pursue your goals. 


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